For a "good review"at the beginning of 8th grade Spanish class, you must review and study the lessons and take the self check quizzes found in both the 6th and 7th Grade Wikis.
Note: 8th grade students review the 7th grade Wikis, until your page is updated.

Preterite Tense Preterite -Ar Verb Lesson by Tontito Frito Preterite -Er Verb Lesson by Tontito Frito Preterite -Ir Verb Lesson by Tontito Frito Regular -Ar, -Er, and -Ir Preterite Verbs Conjugate Verb Song "Parody of CA Gurls" Irregular Preterite Verbs (Ser, Ir, Dar, and Hacer) -gar, -car, and -zar Preterite Verb lesson by Tontito Frito (-gar, -car, and -zar verbs that change in the "yo" form only--this is done in order to keep the pronunciation the same) (Irregular Preterite Verb Chart) (Irregular Preterite Verbs like hacer, traer, querer, etc) (Preterite Irregular Verb Song by Tontito Frito)
Review and Practice Speaking Sentences with Irregular Verbs from pg. 61, www.studyspanish com Unit Six: #63, #65, # 68, and #70
Unidad 1 Bienvenido a la clase de español: Vocabulario: (vocabulario)

Unidad 2 A mí me interesa...-- Vocabulario: (vocabulario)
Verbs like Gustar- refer to class handout[[]] (the verb Gustar)
Imperfect Verb Tense: (Regular -Ar Verbs in the Imperfect Tense) (Regular -Er and -Ir Verbs in the Imperfect Tense) (When do I use the Preterite or the Imperfect tense?) (When do I use the Preterite or the Imperfect tense with Prof.Jason) By Tontito Frito (Preterite vs Imperfect Tense) (Preterite vs Imperfect---practice with #62-74 from Unit Six under the Grammar section of (Spanish rap on Preterite vs Imperfect)
*Now Practice Speaking with your handouts!
¡Diviértete! - Have fun! Don’t forget to speak with the 3 irregular imperfect verbs and with the rest of the verbs on your handout.

Unit 3 Me Toca a Mí… (It's my turn...) (vocabulario)
It would be good to review the reflexive verbs from the 7th grade Wiki- Unit 3 Mi Rutina Diaria

Unit 4 íVamos a viajar! (vocabulario)

Midterm Review inJanuary:

Spanish 2B Unit 1: íA Comer! (vocabulario) (Direct Object Pronouns)
Indirect Object Pronouns-Review all of Unit 4 of
Indirect Object Pronouns
Indirect Object Pronouns (Usted and Ustedes Command)¿ Qué vs Cuál?
Mi Salud Recording

Spanish 2B Unit 2 ¿Cómo te sientes? (vocabulario)
Review ser vs. estar
Review ir + a +infinitive
Introduce hacer + time expression
Review verbs like gustar with an emphasis/introduction of the indirect object pronoun

Spanish 2B Unit 3 En Mi Comunidad (vocabulario) (The future tense) (The future tense) Perfect Tense) (Study the Past Participle, you need to know this this verb form in order to learn how to use it with the Present Perfect Tense in Spanish) (The Present perfect tense)

Spanish 2B Unit 4 íSalvemos la Tierra! (vocabulario)
Review all Spanish 2 grammar concepts
An introduction of the conditional tense Conditional tense) Affirmative Tu Commands (Los Mandatos) with usted and ustedes
La Tecnología
Pennco Tech- Spanish Commercial (Espanol) (un minuto)
Pennco Tech-Spanish Commercial 2 (Espanol)
Direct Object Pronouns (review -repaso)
Indirect Object Pronouns
Also, study and review the all the direct object pronounds and indirect object pronouns from (under Grammar-Unit 4). There are more tutorial mini lessons on the 7th grade Wiki.

Los Deportes** (Los Tigres de Detroit durante la Serie Mundial) (Como yo uso la
tecnología en mi vida diaria)